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catalog number121930
nameCOVER GLASS,#1,25MM,10Z/PK
Size25 mm
DescriptionNo.1 thickness 0.13-0.17mm
PK @ $29.10
CS10 @ $242.49
Product Details
Guaranteed non-sticking, superior quality precleaned borosilicate cover glass is also non-corrosive and non-fogging

Guaranteed non-sticking, superior quality precleared borosilicate cover glass is also non-corrosive and non-fogging.  Devoid of scratches, bubbles and striations, its superb flatness provides a uniform distortion free surface.  They are packed in a molded, compartmented re-closable plastic box to ensure cleanliness and maximum protection.  They come packed one ounce to a box and 10 ounces to a case.