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 catalog numbernameSizeStyleunitspriceQuantity on HandQuantityAdd to Cart
151872-09VIAL, 20ML, CLEAR, TEFLON-LND CAP, PK-7220 mLClearPk/72
CS @ $76.92
151872-19VIAL, 20ML, AMBER, TEFLON-LND CAP, PK-7220 mLAmberPk/72
PK @ $78.55
151872-29VIAL, 40ML, CLEAR, TEFLON-LND CAP, PK-7240 mLClearPk/72
PK @ $73.37
151872-39VIAL, 40ML, AMBER, TEFLON-LND CAP, PK-7240 mLAmberPk/72
PK @ $90.15
151872-49VIAL, 60ML, CLEAR, TEFLON-LND CAP, PK-7260 mLClearPk/72
PK @ $93.72
151872-59VIAL, 60ML, AMBER, TEFLON-LND CAP, PK-7260 mLAmberPk/72
PK @ $108.15