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149710-10TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 1/8"ID,1/4"OD,100' SPL100 ft100' SPL
EA @ $88.00
149710-11TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 1/8"ID,1/4"OD,500' SPL500 ft500' SPL
EA @ $450.73
149710-13TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 0.17"ID,1/4"OD,100' SPL100 ft100' SPL
EA @ $106.00
149710-14TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 0.17"ID,1/4"OD,500' SPL500 ft500' SPL
EA @ $530.00
149710-16TUBING, FEP-LINED LDPE, 3/16"ID X 1/4"OD, 100' SPL100 ft100' SPL
EA @ $116.87
149710-20TUBING, FEP-LINED LDPE, 3/16"ID X 1/4"OD, 500' SPL500 ft500' SPL
EA @ $556.36
149710-23TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 1/4"ID,3/8"OD,100' SPL100 ft100' SPL
EA @ $154.00
149710-24TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 1/4"ID,3/8"OD,500' SPL500 ft500' SPL
EA @ $791.39
149710-26TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 3/8"ID,7/16"OD,100' SPL100 ft100' SPL
EA @ $108.00
149710-27TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 3/8"ID,7/16"OD,500' SPL500 ft500' SPL
EA @ $486.00
149710-30TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 3/8"ID,1/2"OD,100' SPL100 ft100' SPL
EA @ $208.00
149710-31TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 3/8"ID,1/2"OD,500' SPL500 ft500' SPL
EA @ $1,040.00
149710-35TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 1/2"ID,5/8"OD,100' SPL100 ft100' SPL
EA @ $240.00
149710-36TUBING, FEP LINED, LDPE, 1/2"ID,5/8"OD,500' SPL500 ft500' SPL
EA @ $1,200.00