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 catalog numbernameCapacityunitspriceQuantity on HandQuantityAdd to Cart
149250TUBING, PVC,1/8"ID,1/16"W,100'/BOXMax Working Pressure:68100' Bx
BX @ $33.29
149260TUBING, PVC,3/16"ID,1/16"W,100'/BX ALSO AVAILABLE IN 500 FT LENGTHSMax Working Pressure:55100' Bx
BX @ $67.60
149270TUBING, PVC,1/4"ID,1/16"W,100'/BXMax Working Pressure:55100' Bx
BX @ $47.94
149280TUBING, PVC, 5/16"ID, 1/16"W, 100'/BXMax Working Pressure:50100' Bx
BX @ $48.20
149280-1TUBING, PVC,5/16" ID X 1/8"W,PK-100'Max Working Pressure:70100' Pk
PK @ $105.49
149290TUBING, PVC,3/8"ID,1/16"W,100'/BXMax Working Pressure:40100' Bx
BX @ $66.75
149290-1TUBING, PVC, 3/8"ID X 1/8"W X 5/8"OD, PK-100'Max Working Pressure:65100' Pk
PK @ $125.42
149290-2TUBING, PVC, 3/8"ID X 3/32"W , PK-100'Max Working Pressure:50100' Pk
PK @ $82.47
149300TUBING, PVC,7/16"ID,3/32"W,100'/BXMax Working Pressure:40100' Bx
BX @ $93.28
149310TUBING, PVC,1/2"ID,1/16"W,100'/BXMax Working Pressure:30100' Bx
BX @ $75.88
149310-1TUBING, PVC, 1/2"ID, 1/8"W, 3/4"OD, PK-100'Max Working Pressure:45100' Pk
PK @ $158.22
149320TUBING, PVC,5/8"ID,1/16"W,100'/BXMax Working Pressure:40100' Bx
BX @ $94.65
149330TUBING, PVC,3/4"ID,1/8"W,100'/BXMax Working Pressure:35100' Bx
BX @ $219.02
149330-1TUBING, PVC, 1"ID X 1/8"W X 1-1/8"OD, PK-100'Max Working Pressure:30100' Pk
PK @ $198.15
149330-2TUBING, PVC, 1"ID X 3/16"W X 1-3/8"OD, PK-100'Max Working Pressure:45100' Pk
PK @ $581.78
149330-3TUBING, PVC, 1"ID X 1/4"W X 1.5"OD, PK-100'Max Working Pressure:50100' Pk
PK @ $394.10
149340TUBING, PVC,1"ID,1/8"W,100'/BXMax Working Pressure:28100' Bx
BX @ $286.79