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 catalog numbernameSizeColorunitspriceQuantity on HandQuantityAdd to Cart
115833-20KIM-KAP,25MM,NATURAL,CS500Tube OD:25 mmNaturalCs/500
CS @ $129.18
115833-25KIM-KAP,38MM,NATURAL,CS500Tube OD:38 mmNaturalCs/500
CS @ $135.90
115836-20CULTURE TUBE CLOSURE, 13MM, NATURAL, CS-1000Tube OD:13 mmNaturalCs/1000
CS @ $95.35
115836-21CULTURE TUBE CLOSURE, 16MM, NATURAL, CS-1000Tube OD:16 mmNaturalCs/1000
CS @ $100.75
115836-22CULTURE TUBE CLOSURE, 18MM, NATURAL, CS-1000Tube OD:18 mmNaturalCs/1000
CS @ $114.21
115836-23CULTURE TUBE CLOSURE, 20MM, NATURAL, CS-500Tube OD:20 mmNaturalCs/500
CS @ $96.82