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 catalog numbernameSizeLengthpriceQuantity on HandQuantityAdd to Cart
144910THERMOMETER, GLS, GP, RED, 0/230F TL-IMTotal305 mm
EA @ $18.25
144920THERMOMETER,GLS,GP,RED,0/300F,TL-IMTotal305 mm
EA @ $21.53
144930THERMOMETER, GLS, GP ,RED, 0/230F, PT-IMImmersion Depth:76 mm305 mm
EA @ $18.98
144940THERMOMETER,GLS,GP,RED,0/300F,PT-IMImmersion Depth:76 mm305 mm
EA @ $21.53
144950THERMOMETER, GLS, GP, RED, -20/110C,TLIMImmersion Depth:Total305 mm
EA @ $21.34
144960THERMOMETER,GLS, GP, RED, -20/150C T-ITotal305 mm
EA @ $15.88
144970THERMOMETER, GLS, GP, RED, -20/110C P-IImmersion Depth:76 mm305 mm
EA @ $19.65
144980THERMOMETER, GLS, GP, RED ,-20/150C , P-Immersion Depth:76 mm305 mm
EA @ $21.53
144981THERMOMETER, SAFETY (RED LIQ), -10-250C, 76MM, 15"Immersion Depth:76 mm381 mm
EA @ $24.76