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137605-20TEFLON BLADE, BANANA, SOLID, F/500L FLASK500 mL Flask CapacityABlade Length:21x87 mm
EA @ $24.80
137605-21TEFFLON STIRRER BLADE, 1L1000 mL Flask CapacityABlade Length:23x109 mm
EA @ $29.30
137605-22TEFLON BLADE, BANANA, SOLID, F/2L FLASK2000 mL Flask CapacityABlade Length:31x146 mm
EA @ $33.07
137605-23TEFLON BLADE, BANANA, SOLID, F/3L FLASK3000 mL Flask CapacityABlade Length:31x157 mm
EA @ $40.10
137605-24TEFLON BLADE, BANANA, SOLID, F/5L FLASK5000 mL Flask CapacityABlade Length:35x175 mm
EA @ $47.45
137605-25TEFLON BLADE, BANANA, SOLID, F/12L FLASK12000 mL Flask CapacityABlade Length:37x222 mm
EA @ $49.59
137605-26TEFLON BLADE, BANANA, SOLID, F/22L FLASK22000 mL Flask CapacityABlade Length:40x263 mm
EA @ $64.89
137605-27STIRRING BLADE, PTFE, PERF., F/500ML FLS500 mL Flask CapacityBBlade Length:21x87 mm
EA @ $27.23
137605-28STIRRING BLADE, PTFE, PERF., F/1L FLS1000 mL Flask CapacityBBlade Length:23x109 mm
EA @ $33.75
137605-29STIRRING BLADE, PTFE, PERF., F/2L FLS2000 mL Flask CapacityBBlade Length:31x146 mm
EA @ $36.35
137605-30STIRRING BLADE, PTFE, PERF., F/3L FLS3000 mL Flask CapacityBBlade Length:31x157 mm
EA @ $44.10
137605-31STIRRING BLADE, PTFE, PERF., F/5L FLS5000 mL Flask CapacityBBlade Length:35x175 mm
EA @ $52.18
137605-32STIRRING BLADE, PTFE, PERF., F/12L FLS12000 mL Flask CapacityBBlade Length:37x222 mm
EA @ $54.53
137605-33STIRRING BLADE, PTFE, PERF., F/22L FLS22000 mL Flask CapacityBBlade Length:40x263 mm
EA @ $71.35