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 catalog numbernameColorDescriptionDimensionsunitspriceQuantity on HandQuantityAdd to Cart
133255-40SMART SPATULA STANDARD OPAQUE 210X7MM PK300opaquestandard spatula210 x 7mmPk/150
PK @ $73.55
133255-42SMARTSPATULA MICRO OPAQUE 140 X 3.5MM, PK300opaquemicro spatula140 x 3.5mmPk/300
PK @ $47.53
133255-44SMARTSPATULA 14MM MACRO GREEN PK150greenmacro spatula310 x 14mmPk/150
PK @ $95.75
133255-46SMART SPATULA STANDARD BLUE 210X7MM PK300bluestandard spatula210 x 7mmPk/300
PK @ $73.55