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 catalog numbernameDescriptionDimensionspriceQuantity on HandQuantityAdd to Cart
134809SPATULA, 7.25", SPOON END/ FLAT ENDStainless steel spatula with one spoon end and one flat squared end.Overall L 7.5-in
One Spoon End, One Flat End
EA @ $11.00
134810SPATULA, 9", SPOON END/ FLAT ENDNickel-Stainless Steel Spatula at one end-Spoon at the otherOverall L 9-in Spoon-End 1-1/8-in
L x 9/16-in Wide
Flat End 1-7/8-in-L
EA @ $21.40
134820SPATULA, 9", SPOON END/ FLAT END, TEFLON COATEDNickel-Stainless Steel Spatula at one end- Spoon at the other Teflon Coated EndsOverall L 9-in
Spoon End 1-1/8-in L x 9/16-in Wide
Flat End 1-7/8-in Long
EA @ $24.00
134830SPATULA, 8", FLAT ENDSNickel-Stainless Steel, Double Flat Ends, Mirror FinishOverall L 8-in
Flat Ends 1-1/8-in Long
EA @ $16.40
134840SPATULA, 8", FLAT ENDS, TEFLON COATEDNickel-Stainless Steel, Double Flat Ends, Teflon Coated EndsOverall L 8-in
Flat Ends 2-in Long
EA @ $24.00
134850SPATULA, 6.5", SPOON ENDNickel-Stainless Steel With Plasticol HandleOverall L 6-1/2-in
Spoon End 1-in-L x 1/4-in
EA @ $13.40
134870SPATULA, 7", ROUND END/ SQUARE ENDNickel-Stainless Steel, Rounded and Squared Ends Glazed FinishOverall L-7-in
Flat Ends-2-in L
EA @ $15.60
134880SPATULA, 8", ROUND END/ SPEAR ENDNickel-Stainless Steel,Double Bladed Glazed FinishOverall L 8-in
Flat Ends 2-in-L
EA @ $15.00
134881SPATULA, 8.25", SHARPENED BENT END/SPOON ENDNickel-Stainless Steel, Double Bladed Glazed FinishOverall L 6.25-in
Sharpened Bent End 1.5-in-L
Spoon End 1/2-in-L x 1/8-in-W
EA @ $8.00