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Safety > Splash Shields > Benchtop Splash Shield
catalog number131712-16
nameSPLASH SHIELD, 20"X12"X20"
EA @ $124.73
Product Details


• No eye-level distortion

• Extra wide top

Lower bend and wider top gives greater visibility of work surface and assures greater protection from splashes to face and neck area. The Splash Shield has been designed to be used comfortably either from a standing or sitting position. The gentle bend from the base allows the technician to observe the working surface from a comfortable sitting position.

The lower area of the Shield is just 12” wide, thus making it easy to reach behind the Shield to pipette, open vials or perform any number of functions, while protecting the operator from being accidentally splashed. Fabricated from 1/4” clear acrylic for excellent stability. Non-skid feet.  Not suitable for radiation protection.

Measurements: base—20” W x 12” D; face area—20” W x 15” H; overall— 20” W x 12” D x 20” H.