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129551-6PEGBOARD, STAINLESS STEEL, 15 PEG, 18"X215 Pegs18/In-Wide x 24/In-High
EA @ $465.05
129551-7PEGBOARD,STAINLESS STEEL,20 PEG, 24"X24"20 Pegs24/In-Wide x 24/In-High
EA @ $549.67
129551-70PEGBOARD,STAINLESS STEEL,32 PEG, 24"X30"32 Pegs24/In-Wide x 30/In-High
EA @ $573.06
129551-71PEGBOARD,STAINLESS STEEL,40 PEG, 24"X36"40 Pegs24/In-Wide x 36/In-High
EA @ $753.23
129551-8PEGBOARD,STAINLESS STEEL,50 PEG, 30"X30"50 Pegs30/In-Wide x 30/In-High
EA @ $708.43
129551-80PEGBOARD,STAINLESS STEEL,40 PEG, 30"X36"40 Pegs30/In-Wide x 36/In-High
EA @ $743.52
129551-82PEGBOARD,STAINLESS STEEL,60 PEG, 36"X30"60 Pegs36/In-Wide x 30/In-High
EA @ $776.20
129551-83PEGBOARD,STAINLESS STEEL,66 PEG, 36"X36"66 Pegs36/In-Wide x 36/In-High
EA @ $874.26
129551-84PEGBOARD,STAINLESS STEEL,40 PEG, 48"X24"40 Pegs48/In-Wide x 24/In-High
EA @ $934.41
129551-85PEGBOARD,STAINLESS STEEL,48 PEG, 48"X30"48 Pegs48/In-Wide x 30/In-High
EA @ $1,069.73
129551-86PEGBOARD,STAINLESS STEEL,88 PEG, 48"X36"88 Pegs48/In-Wide x 36/In-High
EA @ $1,231.63