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 catalog numbernameSizeDescriptionpriceQuantity on HandQuantityAdd to Cart
121695-10ACTINOMYCES BROTH, 500G500 gActinomyces Broth
EA @ $520.66
121695-11ANTIBIOTIC MED. 3 (ANTIBIOTIC ASSAY BROTH), 500G500 gAntibiotic Med 3 (Antibiotic Assay Broth)
EA @ $211.06
121695-13E (BASE AGAR), 500G500 gAntibiotic Medium 2
EA @ $290.90
121695-15AZIDE DEXTROSE BROTH500 gAzide Dextrose Broth
EA @ $271.56
121695-20BAIRD-PARKER AGAR BASE, 500G500 gBaird-Parker Agar Base
EA @ $615.91
121695-21BLOOD AGAR BASE ( INFUSION AGAR), 500G500 gBlood Agar Base ( Infusion Agar)
EA @ $403.92
121695-25BRAIN HEART CC AGAR 500GM500 gBrain Heart CC Agar
EA @ $315.34
121695-26BRAIN HEART INFUSION, 500G500 gBrain Heart Infusion (cultivation of fastidious microorganisms, including streptococci, pneumococci and meningococci)
EA @ $226.56
121695-27BRAIN HEART INFUSION, 5LB5 lbBrain Heart Infusion (cultivation of fastidious microorganisms, including streptococci, pneumococci and meningococci)
EA @ $1,234.31
121695-28BRAIN HEART INFUSION AGAR,500G500 gBrain Heart Infusion Agar (cultivation of fastidious microorganisms, especially fungi and yeasts; for use with added antibiotics in isolating fungi)
EA @ $354.53
121695-29BRILLIANT GREEN BILE BROTH, 2%, 100G100 gBrilliant Green Bile Broth, 2%
EA @ $109.73
121695-30BRILLIANT GREEN BILE BROTH, 2%, 500G500 gBrilliant Green Bile Broth, 2%
EA @ $301.65
121695-31BRUCELLA AGAR, 500G500 gBrucella Agar
EA @ $342.40
121695-35CTA AGAR, 500G500 gCTA Agar
EA @ $268.57
121695-36CTA MEDIUM®, 500G500 gCTA Medium®
EA @ $340.81
121695-37CARY AND BLAIR TRANSPORT MEDIUM, 500G500 gCary and Blair Trasport Medium
EA @ $271.65
121695-38COLUMBIA AGAR BASE, 500G500 gColumbia Agar Base
EA @ $227.60
121695-39COLUMBIA AGAR BASE, 5LB5 lbColumbia Agar Base
EA @ $1,011.31
121695-40COOKED MEAT MEDIUM, 500G500 gCooked Meat Medium
EA @ $1,110.54
121695-41CORN MEAL AGAR, 500G500 gCorn Meal Agar
EA @ $814.64
121695-42DESOXYCHOLATE AGAR®, 500G500 gDesoxycholate Agar®
EA @ $191.88
121695-43COLUMBIA CNA AGAR,500G500 gColumbia CNA Agar
EA @ $291.89
121695-50EOSIN METHYLNE BL. AGAR, MOD.(HOLTHARRIS&T.)500G500 gEosin Methylene Blue Agar, Modified (Holt-Harris & Teague)
EA @ $224.72
121695-51EOSIN METHYLENE BLUE AGAR, LEVINE, 500G500 gEosin Methylene Blue Agar, Levine
EA @ $195.65
121695-52FTA HEMAGGLUTINATION BUFFER, PH 7.2. 500G500 gFTA Hemagglutination Buffer, pH 7.2 (Phosphate Buffered Saline)
EA @ $152.17
121695-57KLIGLER IRON AGAR, 500G500 gKligler Iron Agar
EA @ $266.77
121695-59HEKTOEN ENTERIC AGAR, 500G500 gHektoen Enteric Agar
EA @ $394.03
121695-60INHIBITORY MOLD, 5LB5 lbInhibitory Mold
EA @ $1,066.56
121695-66LBS® AGAR,500G500 gLBS® Agar
EA @ $290.52
121695-67LACTOSE BROTH, 500G500 gLactose Broth
EA @ $180.57
121695-68LAURYL SULFATE BROTH, 500G500 gLauryl Sulfate Broth
EA @ $194.83
121695-69LAURYL SULFATE BROTH, 5LB5 lbLauryl Sulfate Broth
EA @ $905.24
121695-70LETHEEN AGAR, 500G500 gLetheen Agar
EA @ $352.11
121695-71LIMUS MILK, 500G500 gLimus Milk
EA @ $332.93
121695-73LYSINE IRON AGAR, 500G500 gLysine Iron Agar
EA @ $362.99
121695-75M-GREEN YEAST AND MOLD BROTH,100G100 gM-Green Yeast and Mold Broth
EA @ $80.51
121695-76M-GREEN YEAST AND MOLD BROTH, 500G500 gM-Green Yeast and Mold Broth
EA @ $226.69
121695-77MACCONKEY AGAR,500G500 gMacConkey Agar
EA @ $188.44
121695-78MACCONKEY AGAR, 5LB5 lbMacConkey Agar
EA @ $746.98
121695-79MANNITOL SALT AGAR, 500G500 gMannitol Salt Agar
EA @ $127.52
121695-80MUELLER HINTON II AGAR (CATION-ADJUSTED),500G500 gMueller Hinton II Agar (Cation-adjusted)
EA @ $240.10
121695-81MUELLER HINTON II AGAR (CATION-ADJUSTED), 5LB5 lbMueller Hinton II Agar (Cation-adjusted)
EA @ $1,062.18
121695-82MUELLER HINTON BROTH, 500G500 gMueller Hinton Broth
EA @ $221.83
121695-83MYCOPHIL® AGAR, W/ LOW PH,500G500 gMycophil® Agar, with Low pH
EA @ $293.68
121695-84MYCOPLASMA BROTH BASE(PPLO BROTH BASE), 500G500 gMycoplasma Broth Base (PPLO Broth Base without Crystal Violet)
EA @ $250.94
121695-85MYCOSEL® AGAR, 500G500 gMycosel® Agar
EA @ $378.36
121695-91ORANGE SERUM AGAR, 500G500 gOrange Serum Agar
EA @ $230.85
121696-10PHENYLALANINE AGAR, 500G500 gPhenylalanine Agar
EA @ $331.68
121696-11PHENYLETHYL ALCOHOL, 500G500 gPhenylethyl Alcohol
EA @ $253.29
121696-12PHOSPHATE BUFFER APHA, PH 7.2, 500G500 gPhosphate Buffer APHA, pH 7.2
EA @ $213.98
121696-13PHYTONE® YEAST EXTRACT AGAR,500G500 gPhytone® Yeast Extract Agar
EA @ $264.24
121696-14POTATO DEXTROSE AGAR, 100G100 gPotato Dextrose Agar
EA @ $100.38
121696-15POTATO DEXTROSE AGAR, 500G500 gPotato Dextrose Agar
EA @ $240.70
121696-16POLYPEPTONE® PEPTONE, 1 LB1 lbPancreatic Digest of Casein and peptic digest of animal tissue combine in equal parts (Polypeptone® Peptone)
EA @ $193.16
121696-20SABOURAUD LIQUID BROTH, MODIFIED, 500G500 gSabouraud Liquid Broth, Modified
EA @ $262.74
121696-21SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR,500G500 gSabouraud Dextrose Agar
EA @ $163.27
121696-22SABOURAUD DEXTROSE AGAR EMMONS500 gSabouraud Dextrose Agar Emmons
EA @ $244.10
121696-23SALMONELLA SHIGELLA AGAR, 500G500 gSalmonella Shigella Agar
EA @ $262.13
121696-24SIMMONS CITRATE AGAR,500G500 gSimmons Citrate Agar
EA @ $253.92
121696-26STD METHODS AGAR (TRYPTONE GLUCOSE YEAST AGAR)100G100 gStandard Methods Agar (Tryptone Glucose Yeast Agar)
EA @ $64.09
121696-30TRYPTICASE SOY AGAR(SOYBEAN CASEIN DIG.)500G500 gTrypticase Soy Agar (Soybean Casein Digest Agar, USP)
EA @ $134.66
121696-31TRYPTICASE SOY AGAR(SOYBEAN CASEIN DIG.) 5LB5 lbTrypticase Soy Agar (Soybean Casein Digest Agar, USP)
EA @ $889.98
121696-32THIOGLYCOLLATE MEDIUM FLUID, 500G500 gThioglycollate Medium Fluid
EA @ $122.39
121696-33THIOGLYCOLLATE MEDIUM FLUID, 5LB5 lbThioglycollate Medium Fluid
EA @ $651.43
121696-34TRYPTICASE NITRATE BROTH (INDOLE NITRITE MED.) 500500 gTrypticase Nitrate Broth (Indole Nitrite Medium)
EA @ $613.96
121696-36THIOGLYCOLLATE MEDIUM BREWER MODIFIED500 gThioglycollate Medium Brewer Modified
EA @ $198.35
121696-37THIOGLYCOLLATE MEDIUM W/O INDICATOR - 135°C500 gThioglycollate Medium without Indicator - 135°C
EA @ $340.61
121696-40TODD HEWITT BROTH, 500G500 gTodd Hewitt Broth
EA @ $249.95
121696-41TRANSPORT-MEDIUM (STUART, TOSHACH, & PATSULA)500G500 gTransport-Medium (Stuart, Toshach, & Patsula)
EA @ $445.66
121696-42TRIPLE SUGAR IRON AGAR, 500G500 gTriple Sugar Iron Agar
EA @ $165.24
121696-45TRYPTICASE SOY AGAR W/ LECITHIN POLY 80, 500G500 gTrypticase Soy Agar with Lecithin and Polysorbate 80
EA @ $236.24
121696-46TRYPTICASE SOY BROTH, 500G500 gTrypticase Soy Broth
EA @ $92.37
121696-47TRYPTICASE SOY BROTH, 5LB5 lbTrypticase Soy Broth
EA @ $614.36
121696-48TRYPTICASE SOY BROTH, 25LB25 lbTrypticase Soy Broth
EA @ $2,893.78
121696-49TRYTICASE PEPTONE, 1LB1 lbTrypticase Peptone
EA @ $151.11
121696-50TRYPTICASE PEPTONE, 5LB5 lbTrypticase Peptone
EA @ $696.92
121696-55UREA AGAR BASE, 500G500 gUrea Agar Base
EA @ $219.09
121696-56XLD AGAR, 500G500 gXLD Agar
EA @ $280.58
121696-57YEAST EXTRACT, 1LB1 lbYeast Extract
EA @ $173.96
121696-58YEAST EXTRACT, 5LB5 lbYeast Extract
EA @ $846.11