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108565-10MICRO WEIGHING DISH, 6.5MMW X 3.MML X 2.5MMH,PK2500.04 mLOval6.5W x 3.5L x 2.5H mmPk/250
PK @ $162.80
108565-11MICRO WEIGHING DISH, 10MMW X 4MML X 4.5MMH,PK2500.11 mLOval10.0W x 4.0L x 4.5H mmPk/250
PK @ $151.89
108565-12MICRO WEIGHING DISH, 12MMW X 4MML X 2.7MMH,PK2500.12 mLOval12.0W x 4.0L x 2.7H mmPk/250
PK250 @ $173.28
108565-13MICRO WEIGHING DISH, 12MMW X 2MML X 4.5MMH,PK2500.12 mLOval12.0W x 2.0L x 4.5H mmPk/250
PK @ $182.49
108565-14MICRO WEIGHING DISH, 12MMW X 7MML X 7MMH,PK501.12 mLOval25.0W x 7.0L x 7.0H mmPk/50
PK @ $64.52
108565-15MICRO WEIGHING DISH, 6MM DIA. X 2.5MMH,PK2500.035 mLRound6.0W x 2.5H mmPk/250
PK @ $173.28
108565-16MICRO WEIGHING DISH, 13MM DIA X 3.5MMH,PK1000.35 mLRound13.0W x 3.5H mmPk/100
PK @ $73.70