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 catalog numbernameSizeDescriptionpriceQuantity on HandQuantityAdd to Cart
152425-10CRIMPER, MANUAL, 8MM SEALS8 mm Crimp
EA @ $383.44
152425-11CRIMPER, MANUAL, 11MM SEALS11 mm Crimp
EA @ $380.99
152425-12CRIMPER, MANUAL, 13MM SEALS13 mm Crimp
EA @ $380.98
152425-13CRIMPER, MANUAL, 13MM FLIP-OFF SEALS13 mm Flip-off
EA @ $403.83
152425-14CRIMPER, MANUAL, 20MM SEALS20 mm Crimp
EA @ $380.98
152425-15CRIMPER, MANUAL, 20MM FLIP-OFF SEALS20 mm Flip-off
EA @ $419.08
152425-16CRIMPER, MANUAL, 28MM SEALS28 mm Crimp
EA @ $662.96
152425-17CRIMPER, MANUAL, 30MM SEALS30 mm Crimp
EA @ $668.37
152425-18CRIMPER, MANUAL, 32MM SEALS32 mm Crimp
EA @ $662.96