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catalog numberTWTX714A
Dimensions5 in
PK @ $86.39
CS10 @ $785.38
Handle4 x 0.21 inches
Pads1 x 0.5 inches
Product Details
Independent 4-position stirring on a single ceramic surface

The large Alpha® swab is a polyester swab for cleaning broad surfaces and flat areas. Widely recommended for surface sampling and cleaning validation work, its cleanliness levels provide a neutral background for the sample obtained. An ideal choice for controlled cleaning and sampling of large areas.

Its laundered, knitted Alpha® polyester head is extremely clean. The 100% continuous-filament polyester substrate is heat-molded (thermally bonded) onto the handle, sealing exposed edges for reduced fiber release and eliminating the need for adhesives. Polyester is soft and nonabrasive, making the swab good for sensitive surfaces.

A long, rigid, light green polypropylene handle and large internal head paddle provide firm support. Ultralow nonvolatile residue and low particle and fiber generation. Good sorbency and compatible with many cleaning and sampling solvents. May be sterilized by autoclave.

Ordering Information: Choose bag of 100 (2 inner bags of 50 swabs) or 1000/case quantities